The first photo OnePlus 7. A smartphone can be a slider

16 may in London, was presented OnePlus 6, so you can expect the next flagship of the company will be shown around the same time. While any information about the device in the Network does not appear. It is logical to assume that the device will feature 10-16 GB of RAM, 512 gigabytes of internal, Snapdragon processor 855. But what will be the display, form factor and look? This question still hard to answer, but possible.

By the way, the web is also writing about the presence of the OnePlus 7 wireless charging. At least OPPO has joined the Wireless Power Consortium, they are the creators of the Qi standard. OnePlus is a subsidiary of Oppo brand, so in the case that the company will release Oppo R19 with wireless charging, doubt that OnePlus 7 it will also get we will not.

And now let’s move on to the appearance of the smartphone. It looks like the display apparatus in comparison with the OnePlus 6T:

You may notice that the screen does not have any cutouts and holes. There are a few solutions to this puzzle. First, the next OnePlus flagship will be the slider. Secondly, the company can leave a familiar form factor, but the built in camera and speaker in the upper frame. Thirdly, the company can go even further and built a speaker with the camera under the screen, it is quite possible, given the intention of Samsung in 2020 to produce such a device. In addition, Essential patented technology to accommodate the front camera under the display, so no doubt that it is feasible, shouldn’t be.

Will OnePlus 7 more expensive?

If the company will use 5G technology, then definitely, Yes — the smartphone will become much more expensive. Otherwise the price increase could be a standard for the company and will be approximately $ 50. Thus, OnePlus 7 will rise to a minimum of $ 600. Follow us on Telegram and share your impressions about the device.


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