The first photo is real cause for Note 10

A recent report about the honor of selling 3 million copies of the telephone Onur 10 in just two months of its launch in evidence of the growing popularity of the brand, and to follow in that success, is now preparing to launch Note 10.

The pictures show that the upper and lower extremities of the phone extremely slender, while the side members are minimal, in order to highlight the screen S-AMOLED huge size 6.9-inch, 18:9, accuracy +Full HD.

Though, to suggest some elements of the pictures as fake, such as the logo of the Onur on the bottom is weird, showing the wrong temperature for the Chinese capital Beijing during the month of July.

Projections indicate that the Note 10 would processor Kirin 970 with 6 gigabytes of RAM and huge battery with a capacity of 6,000 MA, in addition to 128 gigabytes of internal memory with rear camera Double lens two 24/16 maps, with the front camera lens 16 maps.

This did not confirm Onur after the Launch Date of the Note 10, but is expected to be the day after the 26 of the month of July, so that there was a prior booking available at the site of JD China will depend on 25 July.

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