The first phone screen Diamond coming in 2019

The evolution of screens in terms of quality and clarity and the techniques used is very important, but also the strength of the screen in your smartphone is very important where possible to try the screen on a lot of funds in case of the fall of the phone. Company Akhan Semiconductor is currently developing a screen a diamond and wait for it to come the year 2019, which it’s supposed to be more powerful six times the power of conventional monitors.

The new technique, which is known as Mirage Diamond Glass, used as a diamond factory in the metal to increase the strength of the screen and prevent it from breakage. It can be used with the screens already existing class that use Gorilla Glass where the layer protects the screen from breakage.

And partners Akhan in the current time experience the use of technology to ensure the ability of the screen to work normally during their use. Apart from the experience of the work of technical is trying to reduce the reflection of light that increases when the use of technology to provide screens use a new technology At the same time, it is possible to use it in high light or sunlight.

And my company Akhan Semiconductor to give the really technical to one company only in the beginning, partly because of the limits of the production offered, but the fundamental reason is to achieve one company to benefit from technical Marketing. Also wouldn’t be the company that you will get really this technique is one of the major manufacturers, but it will be one of the small businesses, so don’t expect tech to come to phones Apple or Samsung or Sony or other corporate giants, this is sure if you don’t change the company’s view.

And having a technique like this is something that will add to the company that would be dealing with her, but we must take into account also that we do not yet know the cost that will be added to the price of the phone case use of this technology. Of is the company that you wish to see the phones screen is not broken? And do you see this step is important, for real? Tell us in the comments and don’t forget to follow up all new in the world of smart phones and new technologies on your site tell Delta technology.

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