The first look on the smartphone screen of the Archos Hello

After I revealed Amazon about the screen its first smart Amazon Echo Show, Google revealed that it has intentions similar issue screen smart during CES 2018 last January. We now have smart screen, new Archos Hello from the famous French company, which is substantially similar to the screen of the Lenovo smartphone.

Come screen smart screen 7 inch and 8.4 inch, with sky coverage of approximately half of the face of the screen, as was the manufacture of the nail from the wood to enable the screen to stand in landscape, or the shape of my head. Come screens Hello smart also has a camera background accurately 5 megapixel camera for video calls.

And specifications your company’s smartphone, it comes with a processor be nuclear, we don’t know his name and the memory of random size of 2 GB and internal memory size of 16 GB, it also comes smart screen with a battery with a capacity of 4000 mAh allows you to move them if you want so you use and charge the battery via USB Port-C and not Micro USB.

As for the software the smart new Archos Android operating system the latest Android oreo or Android 8, has not been confirmed whether the system loader assistant artificial intelligence Google Google Assistant.

The company Archos that the screen of her smart new can in accessory to the smart home and answer voice commands with no mention of any assistant artificial intelligence would work. Also the company has not disclosed so far about the amendments to your by Android that alien to come to the screen of the smart and not smart phone.

Despite of your questions by software companies, the new smart, it seems that Archos want to enjoy where they also revealed the first scooter running Android. As for the price of tea is $ 160 for the same diameter of 7 inch and $ 222 for the same diameter which has 8.4 inch.

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