The first leaks of the specifications of the phone Redmi possible Associated

Launched on the internet the first leaks that reveal the specifications of the phone Redmi perspective launched later, which comes equipped with a key strictly 48 mega pixel camera.

First specs of Redmi flagship

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Noted a lot of leaks prior to the issuance of the perpetrator of a relationship Redmi business comes with a microchip Snapdragon processor 855, and a new monitoring of the phone in the latest leaks.

Has revealed new leaks published in Weibo about some of the specifications of the phone which houses a ram of 8 GB RAM, with sensor key camera accurately 48 mega pixel camera, also due to the version screen size of 6.39 inches, it also has a phone sensor 32 mega pixels in the camera front.

Comes sensor the main camera background specifications trying to phone Redmi Note 7 the Redmi Note 7 Pro, while the sensor II in the new version accurately 8 megapixel, where projections indicate the lens telephoto sensor second, while the sensor II in the phone with 13 mega pixel camera with lenses, wide-angle.

Recall that the projections indicate that the Redmi conference next month to launch a new version of the brand, so we expect more details about the phone in the coming period.


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