The first intelligent headset from Bose Corporation a leading voice of

Hearing smart want bar not new to the world of technology, there are a lot of companies leading in this area, including the company Google used its smart “Google home” and Samsung and others.

But according to what has been announced from the company Bose “Bose” leader in the field of acoustics, to hear her new smart “Home Speaker 500” in addition to all of the are from can bar 500 and 700 are designed from a different perspective in order to provide the audio experience is unique and does not compare to any of the products available in the market currently.

“You will need to hear one to hear our smart 500 to get the surround sound will not be a need for the availability of a pair of them” that’s what came on the tongue “Doug Cunningham” Director of the Department of consumer electronics company Bose for the sand bar 500 700 understanding of the design of the high and surround sound allows you to watch movies and acoustics of the highest quality.

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Case the technologies Bluetooth and Wi-Fi you can connect these headphones to each other in different rooms and get to experience the sound integrated or even the work separately, as for the technique of the stick which is voice command the skies with orders to Alexa voice, according to the Ministry they will get a voice assistant intelligent extra early 2019, by updating the software antenna.

As for what distinguishes these new headsets is a microphone technique unique and of before in the headphones from the Bose Corporation which allows that speaker to receive voice commands, and implement even with the height of the sound files displayed on the phone without the need to reduce the photo first.

Will be available to those speakers in early October, and for the price, the official price of the handset Smart “Home Speaker 500″is $ 400, with respect to the sand bar 700, 500 and the price of them is $ 800 and 550 USD respectively.

According to the Ministry allowing its smart contains the largest viewer my voice in all the heavens and smart currently and because of their use of the units displayed in the face of each other, this will provide surround sound reflectively from the wall so that they are separated the sound of music and direct it to the right and left and keeps on the human voice in the middle, which offers a great audio experience.

We continue to fish new in the market and trade by experts to stop over-matching the company’s statements of reality.

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