The first information about the phone OnePlus 6T appear at the site of the Eurasian Economic Commission

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After the launch of the phone OnePlus 6 earlier this year, there is no doubt that the company OnePlus is working on a new flagship phone for launch in late this year under the name of OnePlus 6T most likely. Mostly, usually the company OnePlus launched the phone by the second pilot during each year in the month of November, so there is still plenty of time for OnePlus to work on the phone its second flagship for the year. But this does not mean that the phone is not ready for approval our by the bodies concerned.

The first is the Eurasian Economic Commission, which was to monitor her today to ratify a new phone from the company OnePlus carries the code name A6013. Unfortunately, there is nothing else we can gather from the certificate of authentication, except for the code name for the device since it is not mentioned any specifications or features. However, given that the series phones OnePlus’s leading used advantage of by some of the technical specifications of a series of phones Oppo R Series, it is safe to assume that he will borrow some of the features and the specifications and design of the phone Oppo R17 Pro which was announced recently.

Can see the phone OnePlus 6T up with the same rear camera tripod that came with the phone Oppo R17 Pro, the new version of the fast charging technology Dash Charge which will be based on the technique of SuperVOOC a subsidiary of Oppo, as well as Screen With with little for the front-facing camera similar to the phone for Oppo R17 Pro.

Unfortunately, it looks like sensor fingerprint built-in screen elusive, so that the company OnePlus is usually waiting to become some of the technologies cheaper and more reliable in order to reduce costs as much as possible. Basically, the series phones Oppo’s R Series is a field of experiences, while doing phones OnePlus to reap the benefits in the end.

Of course, these are all just assumptions on our part and there is still plenty of time until November where it will likely be a formal unveiling of the phone OnePlus 6.



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