The first hardwork zcash for activated Overwinter meet

On June 26 at block 347 500 took place fork network zcash for. Hardwork Overwinter introduces several performance improvements in the Protocol of the coin. One of them is the expiration of the term of the transaction. Function automatically cancels operations that do not hit the chain later 20 blocks. It is reported by CCN.

What zcash for after Overwinter

Pay attention to innovations that prepare the network for future hardforce. The plan of action, which zcash for presented after the successful launch of Overwinter, includes the allocation of resources to further the engineering and marketing study to maintain confidentiality in ZEC.

On the one hand, the upgrade could attract users ZEC to use functions of confidentiality, which at the moment are not too great demand. On the other hand, it can add problems in relations with law enforcement authorities who condemn the approach to privacy in networks and zcash for Monero.

Two-level control model

In zcash for appreciate a new two-level management model to Overwinter and future updates. It allows users and operators of nodes as go to the use of hard forks, and continue to use the old network. While Overwinter brings protection from repeated attacks for users of the old network.

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