The first day of the Tech Summit Qualcomm 2018: the announcement of the Snapdragon 855 and opportunities 5G

While you were sleeping Qualcomm has launched the third annual conference Qualcomm Tech Summit. Traditionally, in the framework of this event the company announces the release of a chipset, which this year will perform Snapdragon 855, and also talks about their most advanced developments in the field of hardware. The main theme of the first day of the event were the network of the fifth generation.

The President of Qualcomm Cristiano Amon, began the event with introductions of the guests in the excursion regarding the benefits of 5G over earlier communication technologies. He spoke with such enthusiasm that there was no doubt — we stand on the threshold of a truly disruptive technology that can change the way we think about Networking.

Why do we need 5G

According to Amon, the response speed of the devices that support 5G is so high that open to a mass of previously inaccessible features from multiplayer games with lots of special effects and battles to visualizing online maps and AR-shopping.

But this possibility is not available to everyone. According to the confirmed information, at the beginning of 2019 Qualcomm plans to start deliveries 5G-compatible modems X50 20 smartphone manufacturers, which are not included such popular vendor like Meizu. However, promised the representatives of Qualcomm, before the end of next year, the opportunity to start implementing the support networks of the fifth generation will be a larger number of vendors.

Smartphones with support for 5G

Operators will begin to deploy the infrastructure to ensure the operation of 5G in the next year. To make it in time, Qualcomm is working closely with operators AT&T, Verizon, EE and others. But the Russian communication providers among them was not. However, this was expected, given the plans of the local authorities about the introduction of 5G no earlier than 2022, and then only in the largest cities of the country.

Snapdragon 855

Did not remain without attention and the Snapdragon chipset 855. A distinctive feature of the new “stone” is an in-depth AI, and improved compared to the Snapdragon 845 capacity for processing graphics and visualization of three-dimensional objects using AR – and VR-technologies. To do this, the manufacturer has equipped chipset, dedicated processor of a computer vision (CV), which contribute to improving the quality of your pictures and videos.

Separately at the presentation talked about the security of the latest chipset. As stated by the President of Qualcomm, Snapdragon 855 will, by default, maintain the hardware system of identification on the print, placed below the display. The technology is called 3D Sonic Sensor and is able to offer not only a more convenient fingerprinting, but additional levels of protection compared to traditional identification methods.

In just a few hours starts the second day of the Tech Summit Qualcomm, under which the manufacturer will tell new details about the upcoming chipset. Most likely, the second day will be devoted to talking about the more perfect the production process, as well as graphics of “stone”, able to “pull” game is close to console level.

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