The first appearance phone Motorola Motorola Razr 2019

With the start of the countdown to an event Motorola will be the first phone adjustable foldable screen in its history began to accelerate the pace of leaks recently so we got the day to appear the first phone and post some specs.

From the pictures the phone level with the same old format and the classic phone of Motorola Razr can’t ignore that the spirit of the design came from the original with some improvements to become the telephone a stylish as well as having the screen flexible folding.

For the specifications it seems that the phone will not provide gear strong the address is Snapdragon 730 and there’s also 6GB of RAM and 128GB memory, internal storage.

Waiting for i Phone works with the latest version of Android known as Android 10 where will all these specifications on the battery with a capacity of 2730mAh.

Will Motorola owned by Lenovo about this phone on February 13 next.


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