The first Android phones Go.. off on the wrong foot?

Witnessing the event MWC in version 2018 to detect the first phone running Android light dedicated hardware weak and the possibilities of Android Go, which is news that has been circulating before, and proven your health, the company Alcatel has revealed on the Android phone Go first Alcatel 1X in addition to a number of other devices.

Looking at the specifications of the phone we find that it is not the phone’s Special in itself except that it works with Android Go far from it is the economical phone normal.

Include phone specifications processor Mediatek quad-core memory random-sized 1 GB (which is supposed to perform well with the new system) and internal memory size of 16GB, plus a screen with a diameter of 5.4 inches and accurately 960 * 480. Also coming the new phone dimensions by 18 to 9, which is of rare occurrence in the phone is not top class price as to the next phone from Alcatel will not come equipped with a fingerprint which is not welcome due to the presence of phones at prices comparable to the price it comes equipped with a fingerprint such as phones, K series of LG Taiwan.

You are beginning on the wrong foot لـAndroid Go?

Away from the phone itself, it appears that problems on the phone has started and where according to the Website The Verge that the team spent some time with the next phone in Barcelona during MWC, the phone suffers from the freeze. And not from the company that the use of these problems where it is possible to be in the initial version only and not the final version.

Web phone 1X of Alcatel in April at a price of 100 euros or 122 US dollars, and if you want to model the mean Dual SIM you have to pay 10 euros extra. Were not disclosed for regions which will be the availability of phone it in detail yet to see what if will look like in Arab countries, certain or not.

The Alcatel recently has suffered from severe criticism from users phones because of the version of the software a strange request access to non-justified last January, which is not justified by the company so far.

The subject of the first Android phones Go.. off on the wrong foot? Appeared first on say Delta technology.

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