The first 5 things you should do when buying a new laptop

شراء جهاز لابتوب

Might be getting a notebook (laptop) a new, very exciting, it is a guarantee a smoother user experience with greater speed and memory stronger and of course better battery life, which is why some believe that those devices don’t need to something and can be used immediately, but this belief is not true because there are a number of things you must do in order to enjoy the experience of using safe and wonderful, here are the first 5 things you can implement immediately to buy laptop New.

Things you should do when buying a laptop

1– system update

Microsoft does not expect the launch of new updates, special programs and also to correct some of the mistakes and solve the security problems, therefore you must provide an internet connection for your laptop computer, this command will allow the device to update the OS and all the drivers in a few minutes during the update process is complete, you may see some of the flashes that appear on the screen of the laptop people need for the device to restart more than once and then everything is updated with laptop your.

2 – install the protection program

The internet is not the place you go to without protection, where the internet is becoming a place full of threats different so you have to protect your laptop, it usually comes laptop the new programme, two anti-virus installed already, the first is Windows Defender not be visible because it is integrated in the system and the other is an anti-virus installed by the manufacturer, you can’t get rid of the first program, while the second is available as free demo version works only for a few days and you can remove it and then you can download and install your favorite antivirus software you have.

You can protect your laptop New your speed through security feature “Find My Device” for Windows 10 or by a programme of anti-theft “Prey” for other operating systems, it can be through the software to locate your new device when it is lost or stolen in a public place.

3 – remove the programs Bloatware

When you open the laptop your new you will notice the presence of many of the pre-installed software on the operating system which you probably won’t use them at all, and those programs known as ” bloatware” and those software a lot of the large space on the hard drive, so you can get rid of them through the traditional way which is to click on the program with the right mouse button and choose Uninstall and the other method is to rely on third-party software like pcdecrapifier or Should I Remove It and then delete the software the Bloatware on the device you will be using the space again and will not be drain on system resources.

4 – adjust the power settings

One of the more recurrent problems which plagued the users computer is running out of battery power rapidly, and that’s why you need to modify some settings in order to prolong battery life, the first thing is to reduce the brightness of the screen to your laptop. but not to the degree that cause fatigue and tiredness for work, you can also use other options such as Hibernate mode or sleep mode or off completely when you press the button power and you the settings to choose how much time before the screen turns off, and for the settings of the battery there are two options the situation is balanced and put the savings can choose the appropriate mode for you.

5 . Create a backup copy

Imagine that you’re working on an important project for a long time or have a photo personal and family suddenly took control of the malware on your computer or a problem occurred what caused the loss of files, of course you will get frustrated and that’s why it is necessary that you have a backup of your important files, and you can prepare backup copies automatically on your laptop and the drive motor and the folders and files you want to backup, and you can activate that feature by going to the Settings Windows and then update and safely and add your important files Settings>Update and Security.

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The first 5 things you should do when buying a new laptop

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