The Firefox browser comes with tools the productivity of the new users of iOS

متصفّح فايرفوكس يأتي بأدوات إنتاجية جديدة لمستخدمي iOS

Mozilla announced today the launch of a new update to the browser by the rich for the definition of Firefox “Firefox” targeted users of the operating system iOS, and whether you like multitasking or not to add time press this update coming to increase your productivity.

Most notably, support to download files on your mobile devices, so in case you want to read the file during development, which was downloaded Originally on the desktop, in other words support sync downloads between your computer and your smart phone from the browser, all you have to download the file, and then access and share it from the main menu, where there you will find a folder that contains all your downloads.

Also add a comprehensive list to give you options of what to do with the article, the most prominent of these options to open the link directly from Firefox or add it to bookmark or even add it to your reading list for viewing later, or send it to another device associated with your account on Firefox.

Finally, Mozilla made it very easy to figure out yourself whether your mobile device is connected all your devices, by clicking on the MENU button listed top list the app, where there you will see what if has been synced, and if you don’t have the option to do do, you can of the same list to sync immediately.

Download update Firefox from here.

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