The fine that will be imposed against Facebook by the Federal Trade Commission may worth up to $ 5 billion

Financial Markets Wall Street Facebook, New York, USA - 29 Mar 2018

As you all know most likely, then the Federal Trade Commission a well-known acronym in the name of FTC is currently conducting an investigation with Facebook on the way to their cooperation with the privacy of the users, an investigation which would cost the social network most popular in the world, a great deal of money. It was expected to be the imposition of a fine in the billions of dollars on Facebook, and it seems now that we know the amount of the fine that will be imposed on Facebook. In fact, we know now that he may be fined a company of Facebook by the Federal Trade Commission FTC estimated at $ 5 billion because of the way it handled users ‘ data in the wake of the scandal of the Cambridge Analytica.

The figure comes from the Facebook company itself as part of the company’s financial report and the first quarter of this year. The company believes that it may have to spend between $ 3 billion and $ 5 billion as part of a continuing investigation conducted by the Federal Trade Commission FTC on how you share the company information of its users with other companies.

And in the month of February that Facebook was in the process of negotiating a fine worth billions of dollars with the Federal Trade Commission. It was confirmed by financial results of the company now. In the case if the imposition of this fine on Facebook already, it will be the largest fine of its kind imposed on a technology company. Will surely be much larger than the fine of 22.5 million USD paid by the company Google after the investigation with him in the way that they dealt with the privacy of its users.

Warned Facebook investors in its financial report later that this issue is not resolved even now, there can be no guarantee the timing or the terms of the final judgment.

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