The file manager application Google Files Go has become smarter thanks to the new update

Google Files Go

The Google Company issued the file manager application Google Files Go in late last year. There is already a large number of file management apps available for Android devices on the Google Play Store, but the app with Google’s choice to direct those who are looking to dive in the memory of their devices. In line with that, the Google company released an update for the new Google App Files Go the day which the application can provide functions to search smarter property.

Google Files Go not only allows users to manage their files, but also helps them in freeing more space on their devices. It offers suggestions, especially on items that users can delete it to save more space like unused apps and duplicate, and others.

Google Files Go now lets users search for files on their phones just as they are looking in the web with the Google search engine. The company added its expertise in search to the app, which means that he now has features like instant results and autocomplete search records. And easy application from the outset the process of removing duplicate files, and now when it is proposed to duplicate file removal, you’ll also provides a file when the user presses long on the thumbnail and the icon ” i “.

Last but not least, it can work the Google App Files Go now seamlessly with Google Photos. After keep backup copies of photos and videos on Google Photos, can the app detect it automatically and inform the user delete these files in order to provide additional space on the device. Is available the new version of the Google App Files Go to download on the Google Play Store.



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