The fifth generation enters the world of cars: how to make a new partnership with “Ericsson” cars “Volvo” connected to the cloud around the world

الجيل الخامس يدخل عالم السيارات: كيف تجعل شراكة جديدة مع "إريكسون" سيارات "فولفو" متصلة سحابيًا حول العالم

Signed company “Ericsson” and “Volvo” automobiles global deal extends for the next five years to implement the built wireless connections to serve the policy of the last ones around the world. Adopt a page on the platform of “cloud connected cars – the Connected Vehicle Cloud” which is one of the products of the “Ericsson” and represents an extension of earlier collaborations in the area of communication between the parties since 2012.

It is known that the application of the use of the techniques of the fifth generation networks mobile phones in the field of connected cars and self-driving is one of the most prominent scenarios of the use of these modern technologies in contact. And the company “Ericsson” hard during the last period in the promotion of the numerous benefits that allow the techniques of the fifth generation by bringing to market cars in the future.

It is worth mentioning that the “Ericsson” has developed an integrated platform for customizable carry the name “cloud connected cars” can be for car companies to provide and operate systems of self-command that automatically learn and the development of capacities depending on the behavior and performance of millions of police cars everywhere around the world, in addition to dozens of practical advantages and other entertainment. The new partnership with Volvo deal is the largest to use that area, which includes the installation of a basic structure of a digital wireless support policies “Volvo” in more than 120 countries around the world throughout the next five years.
The services offered by “Volvo” through the cloud service system of self-drive fully tested in Sweden since last year, the entertainment systems inside cars connected to the internet between potential live streaming of music via services such as Spotify as well as broadcast video clips, movies, navigation systems electronic. And also the possibility to update the systems cars electronic remote by sending updates electronic system to control remotely through the internet, in addition to services relating to requests for help and maintenance from inside the car, the system of Digital Key which allows to secure the car and open the car doors and automation remotely through the internet.
She referred the two companies to that the system takes into account legal obligations and security and privacy on a global level and is consistent with the standards and international laws in this framework – including compliance with the regulation the General Data Protection European GDPR.

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