The fifth and final group: select the tech world for the best Android apps 2018

The completion of the offer for “selection of the technical world of the best Android apps to 2018”, which we started in their communities before the days of now, and with this day the fifth and final group, and we have covered the best apps that were launched on the store Google Play in this year, generally come applications in this group are as follows:

The first group: selection of the technical world of the best Android apps to 2018

Group II: selection of the technical world of the best Android apps to 2018

Group II: selection of the technical world of the best Android apps to 2018

Group D: selected World technical the best Android apps to 2018

1. Rivet:

The first app in this group, which is a resolution service aimed at Children, where it includes more than 1,500 free books, and of course these books are available in sections according to level and age of the child, on the other hand, also the application comes to one friend interact with the baby, and in the case of the word tough can be directly inferred via the property dictionary in the app, as there is an option to evaluate the books and save the favorite in the Favorites tab, as well as the option to browse categories or search by keyword, and end it at that, Where families can practice reading and compiling recommendations for daily reading.

2. Migrate:

The owner of the task to migrate data and taking the backup of custom ROMs ancient Rome a new custom, where can this application do the following:

  • Applications such as “APK”.
  • All the application data.
  • All app permissions.
  • Contacts as vcf.
  • Call log.
  • SMS.
  • Options virtual keyboard.
  • Screen DPI.

Thus this app works just like the rest of the backup apps, but it also includes some unique tools and special that will mainly experience the to restore all apps and their data.

Review the entire application from here.

3. PlayJ:

The main idea is watch the games and video clips with friends, play games on someone else’s computer, so they can watch together, can also share the videos with all that remote “screen sharing remote”, on the other hand, the application of PlayJ running the demo, not limited to Sony phones, where each user can Android 5.0 the latest download the app and experience, in regard to the possibility to use after downloading the app asks you to register through your account with Google or Facebook, after that you will be able to select a game and invite a friend to share your screen with him, And you will notice the appearance of a small screen a video feed where you can chat with your friend as if you’re in a call with him.

Not only the tools of the app at that, where also supports screen share any application with anyone, for example, you can open the YouTube app and share video with others and watch it together at the same time, also there is a section “app of the day” where by is the tide of proposals to improve the application or game every 24 hours.

4. Linux on DeX:

One of the Apps Samsung New, which is only available in the pilot program as APK, also to use the app you will first need to a Samsung device that supports the DeX, then install it, where you will notice that it consumes storage space is low because the distribution is not complete but will you upload later, i.e., distribution of Linux, generally will not be the user can now choose a distro of Linux distributions for use on the galaxy, but he will be able to install applications and documents compatible with Linux without problems.

5. Faster & Safer Internet:

The company issued a cloud flair the DNS service in the past year, which supports DNS-over-TLS / DNS-over-HTTPS is faster than Google in some cases, more recently, the company announced the availability of its application on Android which makes the process easier, the campaign app name Faster & Safer Internet, in regard to the operation of the application, it forwards DNS requests to your device through the servers of CloudFlare, but it uses a VPN server locally to do this, this means that you can’t use VPN and the other at the same time, it is known that the Android version last of 9 “Pie” change DNS at the system level easily, but if you are using an older version this app is a suitable alternative.

6. Reachability Cursor:

Application of Reachability Cursor which comes up with the idea more fascinating, distinct in the Create Index much like the idea of the mouse cursor on the desktop, therefore this app only exists for devices the author of the young adult, being a help in development and become the phone with one hand, along the app is perfect for those who use heavily feature gestures to navigate between pages, tools, phone Android, on the other hand, this application is available in two versions the first is free and does not support any ads, and the other driven at the price of 4.49$, to make use of more tools as an option to adjust the indicator area according to the needs, and the option to customize the appearance and behavior, The advantage of gestures and choose panel settings quick and shortcut notification received.

7. Simple Contacts Pro:

It is a city of contacts, which supports to store your contacts internally, or sync it to your account in Google or other accounts, it is characteristic of his other “favorites list” which contains a list of the names most connected, as well as that the application can be used as e-mail messages, and manage upcoming events, and has the ability to filter by multiple parameters, such as choosing the first name of the contacts etc from the filter, without it the app is not free it is available on the App Store at a price of 0.99$.

8. Meme stickers:

With the latest version of messaging application WhatsApp, the company provided full support pack of posters, this means the emergence of a lot of apps posters on the store Google Play for this purpose, of course, we won’t cover all of them but the best, we have selected for you the application of Meme stickers, currently available only on store Google Play, and on the other hand, this app offers you the 9 pack of various stickers in each package there are 30 poster, with the passage of days, there will be more.

9. easyUp:

In respect of this application is can be work teams cooperate very effectively, through the implementation of video presentations regular “freelancing”, his idea came from the premise that it is not always can compile all the team members in one location, and therefore her employer will be able to keep everyone informed, here can shoot a video anywhere for a period ranging from 30 seconds to 5 minutes, as the app supports the possibility of placing a personal photo of each member, as well as the possibility to customize the group name and image ,,etc.

10. Zoetic:

We can define that an application to assemble your photos in a video timeline, where he will work on assembling these images through to find points of similar interest, such as a building or a face, given a string, creates Zoetic video changes over time, usually be a video of a fixed scene to a certain extent, for example, a landscape where the sound of the seasons changing, or the location of the creation of building from the foundation up floors the last, it can be a video object with different backgrounds, and as a person since his birth till this day.

In turn, this application is available by first free come options limited with the support of ads, the second is an advanced version paid does not support the ad, not when constraints such as the number of images, and is strictly controlled video demodulator, also has the function of capturing an image directly via the camera associated, and some basic functions such as production additional videos.

11.Typing Hero:

Typing Hero

Is a tool make it very easy to re-use phrases, long words short when sending text messages, such as the use of the phrase “Good Morning” a lot, with this app you can book a combination of three or four characters, just as an abbreviation for this phrase, and immediately type the shortcut you will see the ferry is full, you complete the process of transmission.

12. ES Dawn:

ES Dawn

Particularly includes file manager ES File Explorer on Android tool customizable can with the user to change the colors or change the theme to default, the you of app users and want to Change Thea of his own try this new app ES Dawn, where he puts in your hands wallpaper very beautiful, as well as bold colors dim work on one way or another on battery saving, there is a transparency that can be controlled at the same level, therefore this app does not add any advantages to the file manager ES File Explorer only change the default skin.

13. Bridge:


The loss of notifications or repeat them when you use more than device is running Android, is the problem with a lot of users, for example, you open your tablet “secondary” it is natural to come to the notices of your social accounts, and when you move your phone the “main machine” there will be a process of repeating notifications, or may not, the solution lies with the application of the Bridge.

Which is in short the intense boat your survival when you have this problem, where the idea of the app is to receive notifications seamlessly across all Android devices you have, and will not be able to read it, but would very much like to take advantage of Quick Actions for notifications as an option to the quick reply like the option of deletion, deferral ,,etc., as well as the advent of the application of the Bridge with Sync “bi-directional”, where when you reject a notification on one device, it will be his refusal to speed on all devices another.

14. Cerberus Child Safety:

The aim of this new app to help make sure that your kids are safe both in the real world by tracking the geographical location, and more, or the digital world by monitoring what he’s doing when browsing the internet, in respect of the protection in the real world, as we pointed out you can see the location of your child, as well as feature set “safe zones”, where the immediate entry and exit from these areas will receive an instant notification on your smart phone, as you can also see the detailed stats “daily, weekly, monthly” about the use of the child for investigations.

Review the entire application from here.

15. Plus The Beat:

In late October the company announced OnePlus officially for a phone of its flagship One Plus 6T, and one of the main points that was missing its phone is notifications LED, which would know the owner of the phone about having a notice unread, to come application Plus Beat alternative to this water, and through flicker rapidly on the phone’s screen periods are regular, with support possibility to set the time interval by the user.

It also supports the application of Plus Beat customize the color and shape of flashing for each notification, for example notifications Facebook simply can’t customize no flicker with color, notifications of Twitter like you can customize do not blink in the color of another, and also of the advantages of the application of other support to hide the content of notifications or show, or hide all content and show the notification on the form of application icon.

16. Holopipe:

We can defined as a basic system you can see the content that you’ve created or see the content created by others in the environment of augmented reality AR, the cost of this vision as three-dimensional and from all aspects, and with this new app you can also choose content from catalog general no, however you can create your own world using the 3D brushes and three-dimensional models, as well as video, audio, images, and share your work with the app and also with friends.

Also the application provides Holopipe other tools as a tool for intervention, training and transfer of content, and support the development of a lot of content, as well as the presence of a public library includes many models and a wide range of selections to various all 3D.

17. MNML Screen Recorder:

MNML Screen Recorder

The application is developed MNML Screen Recorder that comes the task of filming the screen of your Android “video” without any ads or any operations of purchase and boarding, as well as coming with simple and easy to use, with regard to the way to use it, they like the way the rest of the applications in the field of it, where when you start recording the screen, will appear the option to shutdown or pause in the notification panel quick, and includes the option to autosave on one of the cloud storage services known.

18. Hummingbird:

From Google News to the news Apple to Facebook feeds, and Twitter all trying to make something great for users through to find the news they want to read it, but the exchange reports that a few of these services are approaching this thing, Microsoft is one of the companies that enter the competition through the application of its new Hummingbird available exclusively on the Android operating system.

Review the entire application from here.

19. Mint:

Full Store Android “Google Play” application to browse the internet, despite the existence of these browsers by default for all devices, phones, Android likes my browser Chrome Samsung, however, the user always wants to experience new, and fortunately there are always new, where it declared Shao from the browser by Mint on all Android devices, in respect of the application is a new web browser is light weight fast and safe, where not to exceed 10 MB, not to mention its design is very elegant which makes it easier to deal and access to all his tools.

20. Memoria :


The gallery application, as it contains many tricks up his sleeve that make it worth a try and the installation, once installed you’ll find that its interface is divided into three tabs namely, photos, albums, favorites, not to mention the colors guiding where dominated by the color white, pale pink, with the presence of characteristic themes, but here you have to choose the paid version.

Generally comes the application of the Memoria one is easy to handle, easy to open and close the folders to display the images and the quick and the view and access to photos and more, and is full of options and customizations, where you can simply install the board in the top of the album list or hide them, or even choose to display sizes photo albums, “vertical and horizontal”.

On the other hand, the application is available by free and paid, free version is good enough, but may be called soon to show ads, get rid of them and get as many of the nurses and the other tools you have to buy the paid version which is currently available at a discount of 70% at a cost of$1.

21. MiXplorer Silver:

The team announced work PishroDevs announced the launch of its application MiXplorer Silver Edition Full Store, Google Play, and can profile the application as a package from the file manager to MiXplorer with tools archiving and additions SMB2, and soon will be supported add the Tagger, and on the other hand, the application comes with full range and strength of tools in the field of it, you can identify it fully from here.

22. Apex Weather:

The last app in this group, therefore we can say that we’re done for “anthology of World technology to the best applications Android 2018”, on the US stations are coming, God willing, generally, we can define this app as full specifications in the field of it, comes the benefits of a strong and everything you need to know the status of the weather in your area or around the world, and characteristic of its basic checker temperature and weather condition at the current time, where know you this application case also the basis of your current location and the clock, also you can add more cities in the list, So that you can check global weather at any time you want.

As a feature of the “hourly forecast”, and you can check weather condition before going out of the house with a view to prepare for the changes and the unexpected, and you can also check the temperature, likelihood of precipitation, and a lot of other advantages.


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