The Federal Trade Commission imposed a fine of $ 5 million on Facebook

Cambridge Analytica

Announced the Federal Trade Commission and the US FTC about a contract settlement with Facebook that pay under its fine by about $ 5 billion on the background of the issue and scandal Cambridge Analytica and other breaches of privacy.

Under the settlement, the Federal Trade Commission believes that Facebook violated laws protecting the privacy of users by failing to protect their data from access and delivery third third party, as well as a violation of users ‘ privacy through the use of their phone numbers to display ads to them with they have given their numbers to increase the security level of the account, and finally lying to the users that they stopped the program, tracking and discrimination of Faces by default.

This is considered the fine is the second largest fine imposed by the Federal Trade Commission in its history.

In addition to the fine, the settlement provided for a Facebook review of privacy for each new product or service presents, and sent this review to the executive director and the foreign guarantors, on a quarterly basis.

With regard to the scandal Cambridge Analytica, the Facebook is now required to obtain digital certificates from developers and applications that need to use the user data.

However, there are no limits and restrictions on the quality and size of data that can be Facebook that allow for external access.

With regard to the system of face recognition, the label imposed on Facebook to get approval before creating new models for the faces, but they do not match to delete the old models that were to work without the consent of any party.

Worth noting that Facebook recently announced settlement also with Equifax Inc for $ 700 million.

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