The famous rapper 50Cent has become a millionaire in the world of bitcoin as

50 cent

If you purchase a large amount of the virtual currency Bitcoin when it was still cheap a few years ago, Fascinate me to you because you have become rich. What if you are already a rapper is rich and forgot that you have a number of currency virtual Bitcoin became a millionaire without even know about it? Congratulations, you are 50Cent.

Let the famous rapper 50Cent for his fans to purchase the album Animal Ambition using the currency of bitcoin in the year 2014 with the knowledge that 1 bitcoin at that time was cost less than 700$, the fans then purchase this album at a fraction of this amount.

It turns out that there are a lot of people who pay via bitcoin to get the album so that won 50Cent then about 400 thousand dollars of sales. It should be noted that 50Cent didn’t touch the account for a few years and found out recently that he became a millionaire in the world of bitcoin to health due to that 1 bitcoin now costs over 11 Grand in USD with the knowledge that this virtual currency was the cost of nearly 20 thousand USD at the time.

All the bitcoin that have accumulated during the sale of the album were left intact and did not touch in his account even when the value of the currency of bitcoins of more than $ 19 thousand USD per one bitcoin. Even at the current price which is lower by 50%, The amount of bitcoin that you have 50Cent is currently worth US $ 8.5 million.

Confirmed American rapper famous that he became a millionaire by chance in the world of bitcoin on the Twitter where he said : ” Not bad for a child of the south side, I’m proud of myself “. Is surely going to be thankful because he has not forgotten the login information, or that a large part of the money was a sword in the block and forever.


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