The fall of the moon Samsung industrial pseudo Space Selfie

Fallen Moon Samsung industrial pseudo-labeled Silva space Space Selfie on Saturday morning in one of the districts of Michigan rural in the county rates, which he said was about the company: it’s designed to capture images using a system unique to Planet Earth as the background. It was supposed to remain in space until October 31.

Confirmed Samsung said in a statement that the device launched at a promotional event in London attended by supermodel Cara Delevingne returned to Earth, although the company described the fall as falling early, planned in a rural area selected due to weather conditions in the United States.

The South Korean company “not identified injuries and the recovery of the balloon, a subsidiary of Samsung Europe later, we are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause”.

According to the officials of the county rates, has been closed for the Fire Department of the road who fell in the satellite due to the big balloon size may commented lines, live electricity, resulting in power outages for a number of local residents for two hours, the road was reopened after 30 minutes.

And Samsung has made it clear that the draft Samsung Space Selfie has designed its consumers, in order to get their pictures with the background of space using a helium balloon giant fly at high altitudes to transport the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G to the layer of the atmosphere.

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The company said then: with more than 200 h at an altitude of 65 thousand feet above the Earth’s surface, the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G will power the Samsung innovation and how it continues to design products that make what was previously impossible possible.

Were sending a satellite fake to the Earth’s atmosphere as part of a promotional offer to buy Samsung Europe, the idea is to promote for the new model Samsung Galaxy S10 5G device is able to work with withstand the rigors of travel to the atmosphere.

Police used phone my Samsung Galaxy S10 5G, one of which is contained within the satellite fake at a height of 65 thousand feet above the ground, while the other phone in the British capital London.

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