The face detection technology in LG G7 was no worse than the Face ID in iPhone X

The face detection technology in G7 LG ThinQ is one of the most advanced identification systems of this type implemented in software. This is shown by comparative experiment of journalists edition of Forbes, which was attended by five models of smartphones. In the process of testing it turned out that the interface of the unlocking face in G7 LG ThinQ works almost as effectively as the hardware-software complex Face ID, which is equipped with the iPhone X.

To experiment was the most productive, it was decided to seek assistance in the conduct of the laboratory experts Backface modelling of mannequins, a 100% mimic the appearance of a real person. With the help of special equipment, they formed a three-dimensional model of a head of a Forbes journalist, which was later printed on a 3D printer, which was used as a false tool to unlock it.

The best facial recognition technology in Android

The users of LG ThinQ G7, as well as many other smartphones on Android, there are two types of unlock in the face, which differ from each other in the recognition rate and, as a consequence, the level of protection.

The first type of identification works almost immediately and, as a consequence, suffers from false positives, removing the lock even front similar to the true owner people. The second requires you to recognize a few more time but ensures the best possible for the software recognition method the level of reliability. In any case, journalists Forbes was unable to bypass it even after a few attempts in different lighting conditions.

But this happens not with all smartphones. For example, S9 and Galaxy Note 8 involving a two-tier system of recognition of persons was not so protected.

Despite the high level of security system to unlock the second level, the manufacturer positions used in G7 LG ThinQ technology of recognition of persons solely as an auxiliary. Because of this, it cannot be used to validate contactless payments, and transactions in the online stores and Google Play. Apparently, sometimes it still fails.

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