The experts recommended to use complex passwords. What prudence?

Service password management Dashlane just in time for Christmas published rating Password Worst Offenders, that is, authors of the worst passwords for the accounts. It is worth noting that users of cryptocurrencies ranked third from the end. Writes Bitcoinnews, this company publishes the results of research on an annual basis, in order to inform the public about the critical need to use strong passwords.

Not paying attention to the absolute final rating Kanye West whose password you don’t need, cut to the chase. U.S. military personnel probably will not like the fact that the second line of the worst combinations is the Pentagon. In the sixth row located White house.

If you are sure that you are under the protection of lawyers, you shouldn’t be so optimistic on this score. British law firms have taken in this rating the fifth place of honor. The last line of the top 10 went to Google, the UN and the prestigious British University Cambridge.

CEO of Dashlane, Emmanuel Shalit claims that the average Internet user has more than 200 accounts with personal passwords. While in the next five years this figure is likely to double. So how can we keep track of hundreds of passwords, unless you use the same everywhere?

The password is the first line of defense against cyber attacks. Weak passwords and the same careless attitude to them in the organization can easily compromise confidential information. Everyone understands this, but few that it should.

In order to refresh your memory, let’s remember the most basic recommendations:

  • passwords should not contain names and/or entire nouns, which somehow can be associated with the user. That is, the password is “maxim28” unlikely to protect the account of 28-year-old Maxim. Except that after a day of birth;
  • it is not recommended to use simple sequences of numbers, especially dates of birth, house and apartment number, and so on;
  • alphanumeric passwords are most secure. Try to create confusion.

With regard to hundreds of accounts, you should not use the same password. It is better to run one of the many password managers that will help to keep all passwords safe. More data look at cryptodata.

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