The expert told what medical service Apple

Doubt that the presentation of Apple, which will be held on March 25, will be devoted to new services, the company no longer exists. All kinds of leaks and plums insiders confirmed to release at least two new platforms for content consumption – Apple News Magazines and Apple Video. However, the company may be room for another digital platform, which although will be distributed by subscription, is designed not for entertainment.

As reported by Loup Ventures analyst gene Munster, Apple has reached a level of development when it is time to monetize the Apple Watch and the AirPodsthat the second generation promises to acquire control over health. Monetization of wearable devices should happen by combining them in a service medical orientation, which will be distributed by subscription. So Apple will emphasize its commitment to the development of health care, and at the same time and increase your income.

Medical service Apple

There are many ways to implement such a service, but the best would be to spread new features to the Apple Watch and the AirPods in the framework of a specific package of services, says Munster. For example, to teach a wearable device to monitor body temperature, monitor sleep quality, blood pressure, gather information about heart rhythm, and perform other useful actions, you will have to pay, say, $ 300, and then another 10 each month. It’s better than every year to buy a new device.

Considering how much information is to be processed, it is logical to assume that the analysis of information on the health status of the user is partially or completely engaged in artificial intelligence, the analyst believes. AI will be able to learn all of the symptoms obtained during diagnostic procedures, to compare them with an extensive base of knowledge and give the most likely diagnosis, recommending to consult a doctor in case of detection of dangerous diseases.

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