The expected price for the iPhone this year!

Apple was a major cause in rising prices for high-end smartphones during the recent because of her phone. iPhone X, which reached the price of its initial 1000$, in this year during the month of September is expected that Apple detects three new versions of the iPhone, and in this article expectations to prices.

الأسعار المتوقعة لهواتف الآيفون هذا العام!

The expected price for the iPhone this year!

Must at the outset to refer to the Apple TV recently facing fierce competition, particularly by Chinese companies, which began to invade us and European markets after the imposition of its control over markets, Chinese and Indian, which will force Apple to keep the same pricing strategy currently without resorting to any increase.

As we mentioned earlier, the three versions of the iPhone will be as follows: the first version (for iPhone 9) screen 6.1-inch Type LCD and rear camera mono, and the second version is iPhone 9 plus-screen OLED 5.8 and rear camera double, the Second Edition Visconti for iPhone X Plus screen OLED led by 6.5 inch and rear camera Double also.

The expected price for the iPhone to 2018

IPhone 9 LCD screen measuring 6.1 inch will be cheaper at a price range between 700$ to 750$, according to the reports this version will be a major release with over 50% of the production process, and may make the Apple TV by providing a binary copy slide of Chinese markets only.

الأسعار المتوقعة لهواتف الآيفون هذا العام!

The expected price for the iPhone this year!

IPhone 9 plus-screen 5.8-inch will be the most expensive around 200$ to Price its initial to$ 900 roughly, the iPhone X Plus he could keep up the same pricing for iPhone X at the price of his initial $ 1000$, and the current versions of the iPhone will be reducing their prices by 100$ to 150$.

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