The expectations of market analysts confirm the success of the streaming service Disney plus when launched in November

Service is a video broadcast Disney plus one of the broadcast services associated with officially launched on 12 of November, it has been predicted analysts and market experts success and proliferation of this new service, when launched officially to the users.

Disney plus

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Use Disney to launch a video broadcast service of the new Disney plus in 12 of November before the end of this year, has explained all of the analysts LoupVentures and also Pat Bocchicchio that Disney already has a large base of audience who prefer the content the classic representative of the company, as they have also already Content Entertainment the actor who attracts a lot of users.

As pointed out by analysts that Disney has featured content also movies besides animated films the classic, which will have the users share request, it is also expected that users of the content featured from the movies Star Wars, The content of the studios 20th Century Fox, to enjoy the service users to new relationships always possible offers from The Simpsons وMarvel for example.

It is planned that the service is available Disney Plus subscription per month $ 7 per month, or $ 70 per year, a fee lower than the service Netflix, however, the projections indicate high fees Disney plus later also.


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