The executive director of dignity knows about joining his company to work under the badge AWeber

المدير التنفيذي لكريم يعلن عن إنضمام شركته للعمل تحت شارة أوبر

Experience is not considered surprising, announced the executive director and founder of cream covered the elder of the acquisition company Uber on the cream via a tweet on his personal account in Twitter with tweet plurality of after the arrival and between the two companies to terminate the transaction, which increased to talk about since the end of February to the beginning of the week a report from Bloomberg talks about the approach of the official announcement of prayer led by $ 3.1 million.

In came a tweet Sheikh as follows: ” get the congratulations at the moment is important and special for every captain and every customer and partner in the cream where we had the impact on the life of the King ground our service in the region to represent that beginning after the unification of our efforts with Uber”

In this tweet intro for the official announcement that you are going through. both of these disclose the details of the agreement, and the mechanism of the process of acquisition and terms and the emphasis on the amount of the transaction. We bring you all a new case of the issuance of the official statement.

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