The European Union: the dismantling of Facebook is a last resort

Explained the largest organization of competition in Europe that you should not look at the issue of the dismantling of the company Facebook American for social interaction only as a last resort, because it will – most likely – to the years of battles and judicial proceedings long.

Margaret said her Margrethe Vestager, Commissioner for competition policy in the European Union: the dismantling of the forced Facebook in Europe would make the committee very busy in court for a decade.

In spite of their reservations on the social network huge, but it is not considered that the dismantling of the Facebook is the best way to solve the problem; because that would be controversial, complex, and costly.

Referred Margaret, which made a name for itself by battling tech giants, including Google, Apple, and Amazon, to claim access to Facebook data for the police would be a preferable alternative.

She said through the conference technology VivaTech held in the French capital of Paris: what we’re looking for IS ways to the occurrence of the competition, and maintain to increase innovation, the need to access Facebook data more directly the strength of the issue of the dismantling of the company.

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Argued competition commissioner in the European Union that the data access can not be that helps in avoiding misuse by the technology giants, but allows for their participation with smaller firms to improve competition in Europe.

She completed Margaret, growing on a post of the president of the European Commission, said We need to do even more markets are open enough; because markets are not regulated subject to form requirements, even though Europe has become more confident and aware of their power.

It noted the efforts made by the antimonopoly committee of the European to maintain the ability of the market to competition, she added, “I think it’s important to pay attention to ourselves, and that when people come to Europe to do business, they are doing so for the right reasons”.

The comments of Margaret her after being called Chris Hughes Chris Hughes – one of the founders of Facebook – to the division of the social network; and to the company’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, Mark Zuckerberg, aggressively very large.

Claimed Chris to takeover Facebook on potential competitors, and key features to others; not leave consumers any real alternative in the market.

Responded Nick Clegg Nick Clegg, the company’s vice president of Global Affairs, remarks, Chris Hughes, saying: Should critics focus on the correct rules of the internet properly, not to dismantle American companies successful.

Recall that the company has faced a series of scandals about the misuse of personal data of users, the spread the news fake on its social network, as you know, applied messaging, WhatsApp, this week to break through an alleged plan to consult, and targeted users, which allowed attackers to see users ‘ messages.

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