The European Union seeks to avoid the dominance of SpaceX

Sought the European Union to avoid domination of space company of America SpaceX (SpaceX) through the development of reusable rockets, where he revealed the European Commission – the executive arm of the European Union – about a new project period of three years to develop the techniques for missile proposed reusable, which reduces the adoption of the Union on SpaceX.

It is known that no single state can claim a monopoly or sovereignty over outer space, but it can claim superiority in the techniques that will equipment and humans to there, and news space technology spin through the years about U.S. companies SpaceX (SpaceX), and to a lesser extent, (Blue Origin).

This project is a complete transformation in the views of the European after the previous views in the company SpaceX, where the industry was a rocket the whole think Elon Musk is crazy and missiles descending vertically wouldn’t be viable ever, but SpaceX has proven that it can develop this kind of missile.

And companies and other countries now to clone this success, where the European Commission has provided € 3 million ($3.4 million) to the German Space Agency (DLR) and five companies, in order to address the lack of knowledge in the rocket reusable in Europe.

Include the objectives of the draft apostasy with the help of landing techniques (RETALT) copy the technique of landing with the help of engine rear-wheel drive used by SpaceX landing rocket (Falcon 9) in the early stages on Earth and on board the UAV self-control.

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The project provides European that the capacity of the rocket (Falcon 9) on the landing and flying again currently dominate the world market, it seems that the union is convinced that the essential study of techniques of landing with the help of engine rear-wheel drive to make re-use of modern development possible in Europe

But the European Union has a slightly different problem in relation to the idea of re-use rockets, as compared with the United States and China, the European Union is relatively small, and cook very, very few rockets a year, the idea of re-use of these missiles mean the company has stopped the manufacturing of rockets from work.

While the company adopted the European Space successfully SpaceX, but it’s indicated in the past that the reuse is not a viable option for the continent of launches between 5 to 10 missiles per year, instead, it was Europe’s strategy consists in trying to reduce the costs of launch vehicles (Ariane) and (Vega).

The draft (RETALT) acceptance of European inevitability will benefit from the launch vehicle reusable, where will be held the engineers to two different concepts.

Relates to the concept of the first rocket looks like a rocket (Falcon 9) is used seven engines and rocket rate of type (Vulcain 2) and has the ability to lift up to 30 tons to low-Earth orbit.

While the second concept with more revolution-like a rocket Roto the (Roton) of the developer by the company Rotary rocket (Rotary Rocket) since about two decades.

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