The European Union imposes a fine of $ 1.7 million on Google

الاتحاد الأوروبي يفرض غرامة جديدة بقيمة 1.7$ مليار على قوقل

The European Union has hit Google with a fine new offering $ 1.49 billion euros – the equivalent of 1.69 million dollars, and on the back of her behaviour towards competitors ‘ ads, andthe announcement came across the tongue of the Commissioner-General of the authority for competition in the Federation, Margaret and Victor.

Come this is fine because Google remove the ads of your competitors, where the company said of the competition that the system of AdSense your Google blocks access to those ads in websites, on the contrary, which is what he saw of the European Union contrary to the laws of fair competition in the market.

This is a fine large second imposed by the European Union during three years at Google, where he was imposed a penalty of $ 5 million last year due to the Android operating system will force companies to install their own applications, and preceded by a fine in 2017 worth $ 2.7 million due to the preference Procurement Services own competitors.

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