The European Commission imposed a fine on Google Inc. valued at 1.5 million euros

Google Company

The European Commission imposed fines of $ 1.49 million euros for Google because of the abuse of its dominant position in the advertising market on the internet. According to Margrethe Vestager, which say the anti-monopoly body in the European Union, has said that Google used the items restrictive with partners to ” consolidate their dominance “. He stated the official press release that the company Google is blocked on clients AdSense for Search using the announcements of competitors on its website.

AdSense for Search is basically a search box Google Search on the client’s site. When used by the visitors, detailed Google a commission for advertising revenue. Initially, the police prevented the partners from using any of the other search, but in 2009 they made some changes to the terms and allowed the inclusion of competitors as long as Google have the largest share. In the year 2016, the company Google eventually remove all the tape.

The total value of the fine is 1494459000 euros, accounting for 1.29 percent of the company’s revenue in the year 2018. This is a fine the second you get Google by the European Commission after the fine, which amounted to 2.42 billion euros in 2017 because of poor appreciation for its dominant position in Google Shopping, and after the fine, which amounted to $ 4.3 million in the summer of 2018 to force the manufacturers to use the browser Google Chrome in order to access the Google Play Store. Fine the latter is relatively low because of the cooperation of the police in the last few years to repair the platform of Google AdSense.

At the same time, the Google company published a press release on her blog, declared that the current owners and new Android devices in all over Europe will have the option of setting the browser and search based applications that want to use it. This became possible after the establishment of the separate licenses New follow browser and its own search, thanks to the European Commission and laws against monopoly.

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