The Ethereum fell by 13 percent. Who blame intelligence?

Bears until 100 percent control over the market of cryptocurrencies. The Ethereum was one of the main “victims sellers” — today, the coin fell by 13 percent and continues to fall. The capitalisation of third cryptocurrencies on Coinmarketcap lost an estimated 2.25 billion dollars in a matter of hours. Now the figure is 15,77 billion dollars, daily trading volume is equal to 2.47 billion. According to NewsBTC, there is no reason to expect a trend reversal soon.

Blame ICO

According to the analytical platform Diar, the main catalyst to the drain of the Ethereum team are startups. Now they are massively drained their reserves ETH to cover the cost of the activities.

Some of the most popular projects (some have not even approached the stage of release) are more than $ 500 million, excluding Fiat and their own reserves of tokens.

Chief analyst Diar Larry Cermak believes that in the long term, the ICO will be a loss. And yet they continue to lower the price of the asset because of the huge proposal in the absence of a large demand.

Obviously, many startups will continue to sell ETH to cover the costs of their activities. Most of these projects do not bring any profit, and is unlikely to in the future.

If you predict the behavior of sellers is quite simple, you define the behavior of the market demand is more complicated. In this issue we can “help” the major investors, investment funds and other organizations that believe the Ethereum attractive asset for inserting money.

Image source — NewsBTC

The growth in the demand for money will also occur after serious technical improvements. According to Vitalik Buterin, Ethereum 2.0 will appear a lot of new aspects that will definitely be of interest to investors.

Unfortunately, at the moment Ethereum has not yet found its bottom. The coin is waiting for further reduction, after which it will enter a long phase of accumulation. In order not to miss signals the best trading positions, be sure to subscribe to our cryptcat.


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