The Ethereum and EOS will not die. They want to save the General Director of Tron

The Director General of the decentralized Internet Protocol TRON Justin San said that the company organizes “rescue Fund” Ethereum and developers of EOS from the collapse of their platforms. However, aid is not free – in return, he requires to move all decentralized applications developers in network Tron Foundation. A large part of the reaction was accompanied by ridicule and calls for unity in the industry. One excited user even suggested that at the background of the war of Harrachov after the recent fork of the Bitcoin Cash now, it seems, is brewing war dApp.

His tweet said user under the name EOS New York, who supposedly is one of the developers of network EOS.

I think we’ll be fine, considering venture capital investment to a billion dollars in projects #EOS #EOSIO all over the world arrive through the Galaxy, SVK Crypto, Tomorrow and so on. Nevertheless, thanks for the offer. Good Luck, Justin.

Cointelegraph writes, in the midst of the crash of the stock market one of the desperate commentators even asked whether they jump from one sinking ship to another?

This is not the first time Justin San belittles competitors in social networks. In early October, he saidthat the latest version of network Tron Odyssey 3.1 will bypass the Ethereum speed and EOS for the price. It is worth noting, then it led to the growth of TRX 12 percent.

In recent weeks things have TRX, like ETH and EOS, are not. Occupying the tenth place in terms of capitalization on CoinMarketCap token only per day lost about 5 percent and over 40 percent for the month. At the time of writing its price is 1.33 cents.

Recall that in mid-November, TRON has launched a seed for a million dollars to support developers of decentralized applications on the Protocol TRON. In addition, representatives Bakkt announced the intention to solistice TRX right after Bitcoin. However, the launch of the platform was postponed to January 24. More data look at cryptodata.

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