The estimated cost of the components of the Galaxy F show us why it will be the phone of about $ 1800

Galaxy Foldable

The agency published the Korean CGS-CIMB Research Report, the estimated prices of the components that will be used in the phone rollaway leaders of the company Samsung, and compare it with the +Galaxy S9 and iPhone XS Max.

The most expensive component in the phone Samsung folding is the screen, the phone Galaxy F will feature a large screen folding to the size of 7.3 inches, and the other external size 4.58 inch. There will be two batteries as well, although it would not significantly increase the cost note that it is expected to reach total capacity of these batteries combined population of about 6000mAh.

A list of estimated prices of the components of the phone Samsung folding reveal that the latter would be more expensive than the iPhone XS Max +Galaxy S9 by about 65 percent. Analysts predict that the company reserves the right to Samsung to itself a margin of profit of up to 65 percent, it maintains a profit margin of up to 55 percent with the phone +Galaxy S9.

This will be the total price of the phone to $ 1800 USD, which is in line with the previous rumors. Of course, this price is high, but the Galaxy F will be the first smartphone folding up to the market. Since it will be the first of its kind in the world and the latest technologies available in the market today, it is no wonder that we find it cost this price, but supposed to drop the prices of smartphones folding within a few years, after facing more competitors to this market, the UFC recently.

Analysts believe that it will sell 3.5 million units of smart phones folding in the next year, but this figure will rise to 24 million units in year 2022. By this time, it is expected that the average price of smart phones folding about 1300 USD.

There will be also suitable for the creation of components for smart phones folding. When it comes to at Samsung, they can currently produce million folding screen annually, according to the report knowing that the company LG will reach this production capacity in the year 2020. Of course, manufacturers can motherboard flex batteries flex to take also from smart phones collapsible.



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