The end of the presentation, Apple showed that and promised to release this year

Today’s presentation by Apple was held under the slogan “It’s show time,” which can be translated as “show Time” or “Time to display”. And emerged on the scene the head of the company Tim cook actually had something to show. The whole week before his spring presentation Apple showed the fresh device. We saw the new iPad mini and iPad Air and AirPods wireless charging cover. This time there were no announcements of new gadgets. The whole atmosphere of the event was related to new applications and services. Among them: a new news aggregator, the new payment system, the new gaming service, as well as an Apple TV+. But about all under the order.

The presentation began with a colorful video in retro style.

News aggregator of Apple News+

Announced the first product of this event was the updated news Apple News aggregator Plus. According to Tim cook Apple News and most popular news app in the App Store, but with update it will become even more popular. Now in the news feed can be read not only articles from the Internet, but also digital versions of popular magazines. Subscription to the service will be paid. Cost $ 9.99 per month. However, this is not as much as it may seem. It was stated that subscription to all the magazines individually can cost around $ 800. In addition, by subscribing to a service on one device, it will be available on all your Apple devices.

App Apple News Plus became available on iOS and macOS today. The first month of using the app will be free. In Russia, support service yet, but maybe it will appear later this year. Countries in which this will work Apple News Plus, in order: USA, Canada, England, France. In Australia and Europe later.

Apple has decided to launch “credit card”

The second announced the Apple Card. By registering in the application, you will receive a virtual version of the credit card for a couple of minutes. The Apple Card is in the Wallet and will lead for you calculations of your expenses automatically. According to the release of information that the Apple Card will work in any country of the world which supports Apple Pay.

The service offers the function of Daily Cash. In fact it is a cashback-sercives. Refund daily. When you use a virtual credit card Apple Card to purchase a variety of products you will daily return 2% cashback from the total amount. For those who will make purchases in the Apple promise 3% cashback. The card has no fees on international payments, no pending commissions, and any fees for registration. For the release of the Apple Card, Apple entered into an agreement with Goldman Sachs and is also collaborating with Mastercard.

An interesting feature of the card is that it will not have CVV, open rooms, it will be perpetual and will not require a signature. The map will be attributed to the device. Access will be via a Face ID and Touch ID.

In the US Apple Card will appear this summer. When it appears in Europe – not specified.

Game Apple Arcade

Another novelty of the presentation was the Apple of Arcade, which Engadget calls a “Netflix for gamers”. This is a gaming service for a monthly subscription that allows you to play all the available games that it will contain. Will work with iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV. At the start will be available for more than 100 new including exclusive game titles. Additional applications from the App Store to download don’t have to. The service will be available via a new tab in the App Store.

As in the case with Apple News+ Apple Arcade will work with family sharing. Buying a subscription once, it will work on all devices of your family. Support parental control. If you don’t like that your child spends too much time playing on their gadgets in the settings you can enable the constraint. For those who don’t like to constantly sit online will be available offline access to the games.

The first Studio, with whom Apple has signed a cooperation agreement to publish their games are: Annapurna Interactive, Bossa Studios, Cartoon Network, Finji, Giant Squid, Klei Entertainment, Konami, LEGO, Mistwalker Corporation, SEGA, Snowman and ustwo.

The service is not ready yet. Its going to run until the autumn of this year. But support will be available immediately in more than 150 countries. Unfortunately, the subscription price is not reported. We learn, perhaps, closer to launch.

Streaming video service Apple TV+

The main highlight of the presentation, of course, was the announcement of the new Apple TV+. To provide streaming service came on stage Directors Steven Spielberg and J. J. Abrams and actors Jennifer aniston, Reese Witherspoon, Steve Carell, Jason Momoa, Alfre Woodard and Kumail, Nanjiani. Appeared on stage a character from “sesame Street” Big Bird, who spoke about the children’s educational show “Helpsters”, which will be released on the service.

Promised a lot of exclusive video content, and various entertainment shows. Together with TV+ Apple introduced an updated Apple TV with subscriptions to various TV channels and personal recommendations. Whether it’s everything is available in Russia — the question. But promised support to more than 100 countries. Starting this autumn. The subscription price is also unknown.

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