The end of the era of Firefox and the beginning of the era of the Phoenix from Mozilla on Android

نهاية عصر فايرفوكس وبداية عصر فينيكس من موزيلا على أندرويد

Enjoy Firefox browser the position of the fixed on the Android, with a market share not much between users, it is also clear that Mozilla need to do something to life through the new product on mobile phones, however if you continue the development of Firefox on Android operating system during the past two months, it may be noted that the stop mainly.

This expansion is the result of work on the browser coming strongly from Mozilla, where he would name the Phoenix “Fenix”, which can we know that a new browser is perfectly working on Mozilla currently, and rebuild it from the ground up using the engines GeckoView and Android Components developed their company.

At present, we can only models of what’s to come by the browser, but at the same time promising strongly, where the first of what we observe in these models the advent of the browser user interface depends on the use one-handed, in other words the presence of the bar at the bottom facilitates the visualization on the users with big screens, and there are also support gestures “to enjoy fast cars”, and by clicking on the Home button will move the user to the Overview tab open.

There is an interesting feature, where once you have finished browsing the site and closing the app, will save your tabs in a package called “work sessions”, and when you return to the Fenix, you can either start a session browsing the new or go back to the last meeting you have, it is width of the individual tabs of the currently used fully displayed and can be saved manually shall be held, and there’s supposed to be support to share browsing sessions with users and other devices through Firefox Sync.

نهاية عصر فايرفوكس وبداية عصر فينيكس من موزيلا على أندرويد

It also wouldn’t be Mozilla Mozilla if you don’t include the browser in its next Phoenix also has a number of features that focus on privacy, where there will be a call to ban advertising to the Prohibition of running video and audio automatically, other Cookies and tracking, as well as pop-ups and redirection and even the Prohibition of media including sound, as well as familiar features such as reading and browsing hafian and permissions, sites, etc.

Finally with the days subject to all these details to change, because the browser is still under active development on GitHub, here skip Mozilla to launch Fenix summer of this year, that you are migrating users Firefox existing at a later time.

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