The end of iTunes is? Apple change the course of the famous app with the version of macOS

It seems that the application of the famous music, the iTunes, had proposed access to the end of his long journey, trusting to the recent reports confirmed the intention of the company Apple in global change form the usual application, and convert it into a number of separate apps.

The end of iTunes

18 years on first impressions to develop iTunes, competent to organize and play music and video on electronic devices, now heading the intentions of the officials of the Apple, towards a modified form of the usual application, to show in the form of a set of applications different form, involving music, television, blogs, audio Podcasts.

The evolution expected from the Apple team to develop the IOS, in order to work seamlessly across Mac devices, as this change provides time and resources for developers, in order to harness them to work and optimal.

Leaks and confirmations

Confirmed some experts and developers close to the development process for the operating system platforms macOS 10.15, add applications, music, television, and audio data, referred to to design, to forms apps Apple TV blogs, much in line with those of the بـIOS.

Waiting to show separate apps in a unique experience, much like those of the emergence of the Apple News across Mac devices, in the focus of each separate application on the ends only, such as the application becomes TV from Apple, specialist broadcast video content TV Plus, with the application of music to focus on special service with music only, and so on.

It is worth mentioning that the division of the application of iTunes to a number of different applications, will give Apple more convenience, with the termination of the concept of the word in one application, bearing in mind the confirmation of others having iTunes in the amendments next Mac, for purposes consistent with the presence of other devices an Apple.

Was helping Apple to develop its services, and music specifically, has been recently in the availability of the Apple Music service for users of devices Google Home, in a new step was probably hoped by the company in the further spread of company sales, which comes right after a few months of the advent of the Apple Music itself, through the organs of the echo of the Amazon, for the same purpose.

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