The emergence of System Design Huawei augmented reality

After the permit Manager Huawei CEO, Richard Yu, during the past year the company has developed a system of enhanced reality can be related to smartphones, was leaked a new patent for a system of enhanced reality can relate to the hours smart relating to the role of its phones.

Huawei AR Glasses

Huawei AR Glasses

The Huawei to apply for a patent through the World Intellectual Property Organization International on 7 February as ‘Eyeglass Frame’ or under the system, describing the system and the reality of enhanced light and cheap, Where don’t contain a camera or a screen and a microphone, where the Watch will be smart to provide these plugins.

Though, come the glasses equipped with the mirror, where is placed near the smartphone arena, and here is displayed the content that is broadcast over the previous smartphone to the glasses through the mirror, with the support of music playback.

Huawei AR Glasses

Huawei AR Glasses

Show patent the two different tire in the drawings, but where to put the smartwatch in both is the same, with a lens-transparent and semi-transparent, assures us that the intention of Huawei will launch a smart watch in the market before the disclosure of these glasses.

This according to statements of the director of Huawei last year, is expected to be the introduction of augmented reality New near the end of the current year or early next year.

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