The emergence of new images for the OnePlus 7

It is expected to launch OnePlus 7 over the next few weeks, it has emerged today. new images published by the blog GizChina Chinese, which reveal the coverage of the screen the proportion of extremely high body thanks to the front camera pop-up accurately 16 maps.

Recall that earlier this month, a leak revealed the specifications of the phone, where the screen is 6.5 inches, processor Snapdragon 855, the memory random access 8/12 gigabytes of address space, the memory storage 128/256 gigabytes of address space, in addition to camera three in the back first Strictly 48 ticks and the second precisely 20 maps, and the last with a precision of 5 maps, and has the camera feature 10x magnification used in the company of the Oppo.

As will happen on a large battery with a capacity of 4000mAh supports quick charging at a speed of 44 and, in addition to the fingerprint reader built into the screen faster than any other phone, and will be running Android bei user interface OxygenOS 9 UI, and will offer the phone in three colors namely black, purple and gray, and show all three colors in the form of new, and the phone supports touch 5G, where it will be saved to the phone OnePlus 5G, will the price of the OnePlus 7 569$, which is a suitable price for this phone is rich in features.

Source: gizchina

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