The Egyptian government is calling Apple direct investment in Egypt

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الحكومة المصرية تدعو شركة آبل للاستثمار المباشر في مصرThe Egyptian government is calling Apple direct investment in Egypt

The chairman of the Council of ministers, the bank today Tim Cook, CEO of Apple world, during his attendance of the conference of the Davos World Economic.

Said a statement from the Egyptian cabinet that the prime minister moved to Tim Cook of the aspirations of the Egyptian government, for Apple direct investment in Egypt, particularly in the light of what have Apple products popular in the Egyptian market, noting that the government has an ambitious plan supported by President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, to Egypt to the center of the Electronic Industries and technology in the region, particularly to Egypt to arrange the agreement of free trade with a number of geographical areas is vital around the world.

Pointed Wesley to the ambitious programme of development of education in Egypt, which is providing 750 thousand tablets per year for secondary students, emphasizing access to Apple of this ambitious project through competition for the provision of such devices, especially that of the programme have the status of continuity.

And the prime minister to the Egyptian establishment of the new administrative capital, with all its technology based on modern technologies, in addition to the 14 new city another of smart cities, representing a fertile area for investment by Apple.

On his part stressed the head of the Apple company’s interest in investing in Egypt, and that the company intends to come to Egypt to direct investment, and is currently studying the plans and structures of the proposed areas of targeted investment.

Noted Tim Cook to presence of the 38 thousand people are working with the Apple company inside Egypt in the field of development of software applications IOS, adding that the dealings with them showed the presence of a distinct group of very young people who possess sophisticated skills in this area.

He welcomed Tim Cook, in collaboration with Egypt in the field of technology education, especially that this board complies with the company’s vision and objectives in the field of education development around the world, pointing out that it requires to hold meetings between the officials of the police and officials in the field of education in Egypt to discuss cooperation in this field, expose them to models of success, which is led by the Apple company in the field of Education.

Concluded Tim Cook speaking sure that what he heard during the meeting about the attention of the president once the development of technology and electronics, as well as to protect the government’s interest to invest of Apple will make it lists the actions and plans of the company to come to Egypt to invest.

The face of the prime minister by his call for Tim Cook to visit Egypt soon to meet with relevant ministers to formulate the details of the plan to move the company in this regard.

  • Citing a newspaper the previous day the Egyptian

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