The duration of the current cycle of accumulation altcoins broke all records. When will growth?

Over the past few months cryptanalysts have published, it seems, thousands of predictions about the beginning of the season altcoins. After a very long bearish trend in the history of Bitcoin coins and not given x’s. One of the experts knows why it happened.

According to the trader nick Patel, talk about the imminent Bollene on the violas is still very early. Most digital assets are in the stage of deep accumulation, so expect rapid growth in the near future just not worth it.

Time to buy a crypt

Since the beginning of 2019 some altcoins managed to please its investors perceptible growth. Especially notable Litecoin and Binance Coin. Some other less known coins even brought the x’s in such a difficult market situation.

That was enough to among traders settled spirit “premonitions following bullrun”. However, Patel doesn’t consider the game to increase now. Judging by the published schedule, the current phase of accumulation of altcoins is the longest in the history of the industry — as many as 260 days.

Recall the previous cycle of accumulation occurred from 2016 to 2017. It lasted exactly 108 days. And although it was shorter, the whales were able to accumulate enough coins to make a great pump the whole market in 2017.

By the way, a long flat has its advantages. The longer large investors store bitcoin, the bigger will be its price increase at the end of the accumulation. The commentators below the post nick also noted that now in the digital assets includes the “smart money” that would gain the most profit in the long run.

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