The drone began to deliver food and coffee to customers in the Australian Capital


If you reside in the Australian capital Canberra, you may be able to get your morning coffee via a drone. I started a company Wing, which is considered one of the companies that graduated from the Department of Google X, a subsidiary of Google, in the shipment of orders via drone, including food and coffee in the three suburbs outside the Australian capital Canberra. Police say they tested this service more than 3000 times during the last two years, and is now offered by a limited range of homes qualifying.

Customers will be able to in the suburbs of Crace and Palmerston and Franklin in addition to those in nearby neighborhoods to get their applications via drones ” in the coming weeks and months, “ at least according to the company.

You can request only a limited set of products through these services. This includes some food and other items that do not need a prescription in addition to coffee. Among the partners who work with the company’s Wing in this area we find all of Drummond Golf and Capital Chemist and Kickstart Expresso and Bakers Delight, and more.

Company is working Wing with the locals to ensure the launch of the service in a seamless manner. On this subject, stated the company, said : ” the Wing strongly that by working with local politicians, regulators and local communities, we can improve access to services, open opportunities in a new economic, connecting our cities better “.

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