The download speed using the cell phone on the iPhone XS is faster by about twice of iPhone XR

iPhone XS Max

The differences between the iPhone XS and iPhone XR well known, the latter featuring screen LCD display, while the phone iPhone XS OLED display. Moreover, there are iPhone XR boasts 3GB of RAM and a camera only one in the back on reverse phone lookup iPhone XS which houses the RAM size of 4GB and all cameras in the back, but mostly, it seems the two phones are identical almost, at least from the outside.

However, it turns out that there are more differences can affect your decision on which phone you should buy. According to tests conducted by the magazine, PCMag, and it turns out that in terms of download speed using a connection Cellular, the phone iPhone XS is superior by about doubled as compared with the phone iPhone XR. Thanks to the fact that the phone iPhone XS comprises the antenna 4×4 MIMO, while the phone iPhone XR-antenna 2×2 MIMO, this means necessarily that the phone iPhone XR houses the antennas is less.

Based on the tests where they tried to download a file through the network to LTE Band 4, enables phone iPhone XS from reaching the speed exceeded 400 Mbps, while enabling phone iPhone XR to reach the speed of 200 megabits per second. However, we must point out that this lab test, this means that in the real world, may not be differences great will vary the results based on many things, such as how crowded the network, the quality of the conversion source, and the amount of cellular data used in the background, and the quality of reception, etc. of other things.

You should also note that the antenna 2×2 MIMO has been used also in the phone iPhone X 2017, so if you often feel happy bearing speeds that you get it on iPhone X 2017, the France of the phone iPhone XR and save a few hundred dollars may not be a bad idea.


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