The diversion of the new version of the browser Microsoft Edge web

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft announced in December last year that it would make a significant change on the browser the Microsoft Edge. In fact, I the company announced that it will be in the browser for it to abandon the engine HTMLEdge and move to the engine Chromium, a subsidiary of Google, which is the same web engine used in Google Chrome famous. Having said that, have hesitated now that it was leaked preliminary version of the browser Microsoft Edge new on the internet.

The download links for this initial version of the browser Microsoft Edge the new that depends on the web engine Chromium spread quickly on the forums and sites to share files. According to reports, this is the version that was leaked on the web a preliminary version and not a public beta that requires Microsoft to launch in the near future.

Include the initial version of the developed features such as support for Chrome extensions and sync favorites and some custom changes to the user interface. Some of the features that users expect Microsoft Edge current are missing. There is no support for pens electronic or special features of Microsoft. Moreover, no can also activate the night mode only during the option demo.

The company said Microsoft also last year they won’t get rid of the web editor HTMLEdge for Chromium only, but it will also launch the official version and final of this browser on the system MacOS. However, it is still not clear if he will be this browser to the operating system belonging to the Apple TV at the same time which will be released to Windows 10 or not.


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