The diversion of the highlights of the features available in the Android Q the next – to you with details !

Not over update Android 9 Pie of access to the Android phones different, began to leak the next update in the exposure under the name of Android Q by a group of developers on the website of XDA Developers .

In the earlier this month revealed the location of the XDA Developers that the Android Q coming will comes with a night mode, including all aspects of the system, and now we have more leaks from the same source.

Android Q will be allowed to cancel updating apps permanently

Supports systems Android currently uninstalling the updates on the particular application, but only to develop the system, usually this procedure is only temporary because the Google Play Store will be speaking at the end of the updates again and restore the latest version.

But it’ll be different with Android system Q, where the team unveiled XDA some strings and new features in the Android Q, which refers to the support to reduce the app.

It is supposed to allow its new applications on the system level under the name “PACKAGE_ROLLBACK_AGENT” and “MANAGE_ROLLBACKS” to follow Google’s re-application to a previous version, which means that refer to any older version of any application on your device permanently.

Android Q will prevent background apps from Read clipboard clipboard

That may not mean much to any application on the Android device can easily read data portfolio clipboard even if that app works in the background, but the team of XDA, I can find the new permission in the Android version of Q under the name “android.permission.READ_CLIPBOARD_IN_BACKGROUND”.

Indicates that the permission that only apps that have been granted this permission, and not all applications, read data portfolio clipboard while running in the background.

This means that apps Android third-party will not be able to read the data portfolio clipboard during non-activity, at least on the Android Q and later versions.

Comprehensive support to provide facial recognition

Now supports a lot of Android phones feature to unlock the phone by face, but this feature is not available safe full on a lot of phones, but the next major version of Android will try to overcome this problem and to make Face Recognition more secure .

Where staff noticed in the XDA Developers dozens of strings related to the face recognition built-in framework, SystemUI, APK files settings, which refer to the error messages that will appear if the phone is running Android Q in the event of a malfunction in the system of face recognition.

These new features will be unaware of the update to Android Q A major shift in the Android operating system, it seems that Google is trying to make the statute more flexible and secure than ever.

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