The diversion of new reveals details camera iPhone 11, writes about some of the features of iOS 13

iPhone 11

Although we still have to wait a few months before we see Apple disclose iPhone new release iOS New 13, has decided to channel Everything Apple on YouTube and the famous warrior Max Weinbach out just with some hot information about the phones Apple TV coming in the second half of this year.

In the beginning, she showed us these new leaks we will see this year the arrival of the three phones iPhone New Cell Culture three phones current with the science to back iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max will continue to use OLED displays, while the Khalifa iPhone XR using the LCD screen. Unfortunately, the widget in the top middle section of the screen will still be present in the phones the new Apple TV, as the screen sizes remain the same without change.

However, the report says that the Face ID you will get significant improvements which makes the experience of opening the phone much better. For example, it will be Phone able to read your face from the corners of the widest although some suggests that it will also be of smaller area.

Regardless of the widget, you will get iPhone new paint new but unpredictable, while will be the manufacture of the side frame of stainless steel, but it will be less gloss to go with glass coated new. It is further estimated that the dual speakers in the phones iPhone New You will get great improvements also.

When it comes to camera, it has confirmed to us the new sources of what we knew already, they say also that the rear of the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max are coming with three cameras at the back, one normal, and one close, one wide-angle. It was supposed to be the latter is supported by image stabilization OIS, but the rumors that Apple will postpone this feature until you release the iPhone in the year 2020, this means that the technique OIS will be available only for the cameras home telephoto.

And finally, not finally, was to detail some of the features of iOS 13. We know some of them, including Night Mode and Dark Mode, which won’t be at the system level, but would also be available for third-party applications as well. However, it is reported that Apple’s focus on the color dark gray instead of using black as deep as previously thought.

In addition, start the iOS system 13 in the learning of user behavior through the management of the Ram by pre-loading some of the frequently used applications to speed up processes. Will be making the week harder. Generally, if you want access to all the information, he moved up to this link ( HERE ) posted the full video.

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