The diversion of new reveals a new feature for Black Shark 2, Shawty

تسريب جديد يكشف ميزة جديدة لهاتف Black Shark 2 من شاومي

It seems in Shawnee very crowded, and it is clear they are preparing to launch the phone new games which is Black Shark 2, which creates phone Black Shark first released last April.

According to a leaked video a new fear Black Shark 2 will contain the lights of RGB at the university, as add the logo in the back. Unfortunately the video does not appear, only the side of the phone and back without making a face and find out more details about the phone it’s clear from the video short so that the design of the phone looks good.

Featured page World phone, which indicates that the advent of the phone and that the phone will come to various states unlike the first phone that had experience only in China, but with the reception of the first phone and intense competition in the world of phones Games recently, maybe Shawty decided to issue phone around the world.

The Shawnee had allowed Redmi Note 6 Pro economic world since the days of a phone that doesn’t offer much compared to phone previous in the series, Redmi Note offers only front camera additional in addition to a larger screen and runs Android Oreo when he came out of the box, so it’s probably what will happen to Android 9 Bay.

Shaw has released the first phone of its line of production of the new homes Pocophone F1, which, obviously, he has achieved the success required of him. The phone was made to the advantages of great for its price as a chip Snapdragon 845 the most powerful of Qualcomm and Co. in a larger phone which has a price tag twice the price of the phone and that random 6 GB with a battery as big as 4000 mah.

The phone Pocophone F1 of the Poco industry of the plastic where it doesn’t make the appearance of the phone looks good in any form.

Leaving Huawei the coast from the recently released phone Honor Play that rivals Pocophone in price also offers experience to players with the best design of the phone Shao the price possible.

And Honor Play partner Kirin 970 strongest currently Huawei price does not cross $ 300 with a distinctive design apartments in the screen and large battery and that random is great for playing on your smart phone as a hobby to games other.

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