The diversion of new hints coming phone Galaxy M20 with a small cut in the top middle section of the screen

Galaxy M20

Based on what we hear or see, it appears that Samsung wasn’t impressed by the person and with force, that’s what pushed her to share screens with a hole such as that used in the phone Galaxy A8S with the knowledge that Samsung is going to use this type of display also in the series phones Galaxy S10 Series coming next year.

However, it seems that Samsung won’t do the same thing with all its smart phones. According to a new report recently released from the location of Android Pure, they got a picture of what is being said as the glass protective layer designed specifically for the phone Galaxy M20 Hall, a picture which reveals to us that this phone will cut in the top middle section of the screen for the front camera.

However, the design of a drop of water makes the widget in the Middle top of the phone screen Galaxy M20 smallest of cracks that we have seen in many other phones, although we still not sure of the authenticity of this recording. We assume that it is not surprising to see Samsung adopt this type of display in its smart phones available instead of the screens with the hole, it would help the South Korean company to reduce costs.


Generally, it would be better to deal with this leakage with the least amount of protection, but if the previous rumors are true, it is likely to see Samsung reveal series phones Galaxy M Series in the near future with the knowledge that they will come probably to replace my chain Galaxy On Series and Galaxy J Series.


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