The diversion of more than 700 million e-mail addresses of 20 million password

Revealed one of the security researchers for one of the largest hacking and data which I got recently which include more than 700 million e-mail address with 21 million password.

According to security researcher Troy Hunt the there are 12 a file size of up to 87 GB and 2.7 million records were stored on the service MEGA for cloud storage. After removed from service still exists at some of the famous forums of piracy.

And get this leaked data through more than two thousand base data has been decrypted with the processes of matching between the email addresses and passwords were properly stored in the organization on several classifications.

This huge volume of delivery can be considered the biggest leak since the scandal Yahoo that leaked more than three million accounts. This registry may be the first time only within the multiple groups will be published later.

If you want to know if your email address within the registration, the website Have I been Pwned. Provides you with this service just by entering the address, and found that your address has been leaked is recommended to change the password.

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