The diversion of a new reveals the specifications of the phone, Xiaomi Mi7, and stresses the 8GB of RAM


We reported Xiaomi company in the month of December last year that her phone next flagship Xiaomi Mi7 will come with a processor Snapdragon 845 to Mobile World Congress MWC 2018 to be held late this month in Barcelona, Spain, but some of the rumors which we have lately hinted that the company Xiaomi will detect the phone Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S instead of phone Xiaomi Mi7 at the exhibition MWC 2017.

While we remain unsure of the validity of these rumors, we have received today a picture leaked reveal to us that the phone Xiaomi Mi7 will have 8GB of RAM and a battery with a capacity of 4480mAh. For comparison, the phone Xiaomi current Mi6 comes with 6GB of RAM Maximum Battery capacity of 3350mAh.

For the specifications of Xioami Mi7 other that have been leaked, and they include eight-core processor class Snapdragon 845, camera wallpaper Double accurately 16 megapixels for each sensor, as well as a wide screen size of 5.6 inches and accurately +FullHD. When it comes to memory storage, they are $ 128GB.

The leaked image says that the user interface download version MIUI 8.1.30 x, this means that she is not old. However, the company Xiaomi is actually updated around 40 organ to interface MIUI 9, and thus it is impossible to say Xiaomi company detects the phone Xiaomi Mi7 with interface MIUI 8.




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