The diversion of a new reveals the battery capacity Galaxy Note10 Pro

Leak detection new to the standard version that supports networks fourth generation 4G of phone Samsung’s upcoming “Galaxy Note 10 Pro” Galaxy Note10 Pro will contain a battery with a capacity of 4,500 Ma/H.

Published author of the leaks on Twitter – “Ice Universe” Ice Universe – a tweet in which he said also: the phone “Galaxy Note 10 Pro 4G” Galaxy Note10 Pro 4G will support Fast shipping Can 25 frames. Included Also Twitter that the device carries the model number “I” N975.

In the case of right delivery; this amplitude will be greater by 500 Milli-amp/hours than the previous version – the “Galaxy Note 9” Galaxy Note9 – and for the same price of the phone “Galaxy S 5 ji” Galaxy S10 5G, which was launched earlier than 2019.

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Besides the tweet, with the Ice Universe, the site published Korea said it’s certificate of authorization obtained by phone from the Korean Institute of industrial development on Saturday. Included certificate can Battery dedicated device carries the model number EB-BN975ABU, which corresponds to the version of the fourth generation (SM-N975) of the phone “Galaxy Note 10 Pro”.

It is indicated that the leaks that Samsung intends to launch four versions of the phone “Galaxy Note 10”, the to support two versions of the fourth generation 4G, and women the other two fifth generation 5G. With regard to the size of the screen, will come the phone by the two, they are: “Galaxy Note 10″ with screen $ 6.28 inches, and the”Galaxy Note 10 Pro” with a display measuring 6.75 inches.

This; is expected to know the Samsung for my phone “Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10 Pro” in the month of August next.

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